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Modern kitchens cannot function without microwave ovens because they make cooking and reheating quick and convenient. Microwave ovens can, however, experience issues and occasionally need to be repaired, just like any other home device. In this post, we’ll examine the causes of frequent microwave failure, look at user-reported problems, and offer crucial maintenance advice to help microwaves last longer. Contact Satish Electronics if you live in Kolkata and need trustworthy microwave oven repair services.

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How to Use a Microwave


Let’s quickly review the operation of a microwave oven before delving into the causes of frequent microwave malfunctions. These devices cook and heat food by emitting electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. When you switch on your microwave, it emits microwaves that reach within the food, vibrating the water molecules and cooking it by creating heat.


Common Microwave Oven Problems


  • Power Outage: Your microwave can occasionally not turn on at all. Either a blown fuse or a bad power source might be at blame for this. An expert technician can identify and resolve these problems with ease.

  • Uneven Heating: If you observe that your food is not heating uniformly, there may be a problem with the turntable or the stirring fan in the microwave. These elements make sure that microwaves are distributed evenly for reliable cooking.

  • Unusual noises arising from your microwave may be a sign that the magnetron, motor, or other internal parts are malfunctioning. Ignoring such noises may result in more serious harm.

  • Problems with the door: Because most models have safety mechanisms that turn the microwave off when the door is open, a broken door switch might make it unusable. Radiation leaking from a broken door seal might potentially be dangerous.

  • Sparks in the Microwave: If you see sparks in the microwave while it’s running, there might be a number of reasons for this, such as a waveguide cover that has been damaged, metal items within the oven, or a defective magnetron.

  • Control Board or Touchpad Issues: A non-responsive control board or touchpad can be aggravating and may be an indication of an issue with the touchpad or control board.

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Why Do Microwaves Fail So Frequently?


Microwave oven failure is a common occurrence due to a number of circumstances, including:

  •  Overloading: Placing too much weight on the microwave by using inappropriate or big containers might strain it and cause early failure.

  •  Lack of Maintenance: Many users fail to do routine maintenance, such cleaning the inside, which can lead to the buildup of oil and food particles, potentially harming the microwave’s internal parts.

  •  Power fluctuations and surges can harm the electrical components of the microwave, causing problems or outright failure.

  • Low-Quality Parts: Some microwaves are built with shoddy parts, which makes them more prone to failure.

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Important Maintenance Advice


Your microwave oven’s lifespan can be considerably increased with routine maintenance. To keep it in optimal condition, keep these recommendations in mind:

  • Cleaning: Using a mild detergent, routinely clean the microwave inside and exterior. Use soft materials that won’t scratch the surfaces instead of abrasive ones.

  • Use microwave-safe containers, and don’t run the oven or microwave on empty since this might harm the magnetron.

  • Examine the Door Seal: Consistently look for any evidence of wear or damage on the door seal. Radiation leakage must be stopped with a tight seal. Respect the set weight restrictions and refrain from filling the microwave with too many large or heavy things.

  • Surge Protection: To protect your microwave from power fluctuations, spend money on a surge protector.

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The importance of a completely operating microwave oven in your day-to-day life is something we at Satish Electronics are aware of. Our team of knowledgeable specialists is experienced in identifying and fixing a variety of microwave problems. Whether there is a power outage, sparking, or uneven heating, we have the know-how to quickly and effectively address it. We provide dependable repair services for all popular microwave oven manufacturers so you can be sure you’re getting the best answer for your device.


Kitchen gadgets like microwave ovens are vital since they make cooking quick and convenient. But with time, they may have a variety of problems brought on by things like overloading, poor maintenance, or power surges. You may considerably increase the lifespan of your microwave oven by adhering to good maintenance advice and getting expert repair services when necessary. Never forget that Satish Electronics is your go-to service provider for microwave oven repair in Kolkata, providing knowledgeable support for all your microwave-related requirements.

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