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In contemporary kitchens, the microwave oven is a necessary piece of equipment. It provides quick and practical culinary solutions, simplifying our life. It’s crucial to take good care of your microwave oven if you want it to keep working well. In this post, we’ll go over four easy ways to maintain your microwave oven for maximum performance and lifespan.

1. Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s essential to keep your microwave oven clean if you want it to work properly and last a long time. Take the following actions to keep your microwave clean:

  • Whenever spills or splatters happen during the heating process, it’s crucial to clean them up right away. Wipe spills and splatter promptly. If food scraps are left inside the microwave, it may cause smells, stains, and even surface damage.

  • To clean the inside, put a microwave-safe bowl filled with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar inside the microwave. For a few minutes, heat it on high until the mixture boils and produces steam. After a few minutes, remove the bowl with care and use a moist cloth or sponge to clean the inside surfaces. This procedure aids in leasing and getting rid of tenacious stains and smells.

  • Maintain the outside: Use a light detergent or a vinegar-and-water solution to wipe the microwave’s outer surfaces regularly. To prevent surface scratches, avoid using harsh cleaning agents.

  • Clean the vents and filters: The performance of the microwave oven is impacted by accumulated grease and dust in the vents and filters over time. Regularly clean them with a gentle brush or a vacuum attachment.

2. Safe Usage Guidelines

It’s crucial to use your microwave oven carefully for both your health and the appliance’s durability. Observe the following safe usage guidelines

  • Use kitchenware that is microwave-safe: Make sure the microwave-safe label is on all the containers and utensils you use. The use of metal or aluminum foil should be avoided since they might ignite sparks and harm the oven. A microwave oven might be damaged if it is used without any food or liquid inside.


  • Never run the microwave oven empty. When using the microwave, always put a tiny amount of food or a cup of water that is microwave-safe inside.


  • Use microwave covers and splatter guards: Cover plates with microwave-safe plastic wrap or lids to prevent food from splattering inside the oven. This helps prevent any harm from food particles and keeps the inner surfaces clean.


  • Adhere to manufacturer’s recommendations: To use your microwave oven safely and effectively, read and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding power settings, suggested cooking times, and any special precautions.


3. Steer clear of excessive use and heating

Even with regular upkeep and care, your microwave oven could occasionally need professional assistance. Here are some scenarios when you might want to think about hiring a professional microwave oven repair company:

  • Steer clear of boiling liquids: Be careful while microwave-heating liquids since they can overheat and explode. To avoid overheating, insert a wooden stick or a spoon made for the microwave in the container.

  •  Give your microwave oven breaks: If you must use the microwave oven for prolonged periods, such as during a marathon cooking session, give it quick breaks in between uses. As a result, the device can cool off and won’t overheat.

  • Avoid using the microwave as your main cooking device. While it is practical for many culinary activities, the microwave is not meant to completely replace conventional cooking techniques. To minimize excessive wear and tear, avoid using the microwave for all of your culinary requirements.

4. Professional Services for Maintenance and Repair

Even with regular upkeep and care, your microwave oven could occasionally need professional assistance. Here are some scenarios when you might want to think about hiring a professional microwave oven repair company:

  •  Peculiar sounds or odors: If your microwave oven emits peculiar sounds or odors while it is operating, it may be a sign of an electrical or mechanical issue. It is essential to get in touch with a reputable repair firm in such circumstances.

  • A malfunctioning control panel or buttons: If your microwave oven’s control panel or buttons are not operating correctly or if they are broken, professional repair may be necessary.

  • Uneven heating or cooking: If food is not heating or cooking evenly in your microwave oven, there may be a problem with the magnetron or other internal parts. A professional repair can assist in locating and resolving the problem.

  •  Problems with the power supply may be the cause of your microwave’s inability to switch on or its frequent power outages. Consult a specialist to identify and resolve the power supply problems.



You can maintain your microwave oven in excellent shape and take advantage of its effective performance for many years to come by following these easy guidelines. The key to prolonging the longevity of your microwave oven is routine cleaning and maintenance, safe usage procedures, avoiding overheating and excessive use, and obtaining expert maintenance and repair services when necessary. You can depend on Satish Electronics to provide the finest solutions for any problem. We categorize it as the best MICROWAVE OVEN REPAIR IN KOLKATA, which provide microwave oven repair services like microwave protectors, microwave appliance, microwave oven cleaning, and repair of microwave oven in 1-2 business days. Always keep in mind that a well-maintained microwave oven not only saves you time and work but also improves your cooking experience as a whole.